Thaï Massages

Singjan-sabaikaya massage

Used for preventive or therapeutic reasons, Thaï massages will boost your blood stream, soothe your headaches and back pain, and reduce your fatigue and anxiety.
Traditionally taught in Buddhist temples , Thaï massages help having the most harmonious daily life. You immediately feel its positive effects on your body and your mind.

Discover our various treatments carried out by our professional team,  trained in Watpo temple , one of the oldest and most prestigious Buddhist temples in Bangko

Oil Massages


The Singjan-Sabaikaya institut also offers relaxing massages with essential oils. These oils have many great properties for the body and will offer wholeness and harmony for the mind.
Make your choice amongst the different oils that are available , essential oils of sesame, jasmine, lavender or coconut, and boost your wellbeing.
We also offer Reflexology massages.
Reflexology, traditionally recognized for its ability to mobilize the self-healing process of the body. It is very helpful against many conditions such as sore head or back pain, PMS, stress …



New services have arrived ! Singjan-sabaikaya’s team always wants to offer to its customers every possible way to relax, this is why we now offerSpa Services. Before or after a massage, the benefits of the hammam are at your disposal. Alone (e) or with a friend, enjoy a privileged moment of calm and relaxation.
Discover and enjoy the hammam and body scrubing and enjoy having a smooth and purified skin. This ritual will quickly become part of your weekly relaxation routine.
Looking for THE perfect gift for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just to please your loved ones? Go ahead, think about our gift cards, you can purchase them in the institut or book it directly online.